Happy birthday “Russian Roulette”, it’s been 5 years since it aired on the radio!

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navi be like

hey i couldn’t give a flying little fuck about your opinion, and have you even seen me comment any lovie dovey shit about chris and rih? did i ever say i want them together? my avi name might be @chrianna4l but that doesn’t say anything about what i freaking think, stop assuming shit, why don’t u get off anon and introduce yourself, how cute was it of you to take time to write all that :)

The only thing I understand in that sentence is “Rihanna”, english please?


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

i’d be more scared of that person to die, because then you’ll have to look for a new one, which means that you could either marry that new person or break up, and it’s a vicious circle

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Another Rihanna Harper’s bazaar Arabia Twitter header, my fav one. Don’t forget to save in HIGH-RES if using :)